Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sydney Hardin

"In retaliation, my work takes this marketing of female sexual identity to what I perceive as its logical extremes. These are my interpretations - both sinister and humorous - of the eroticized chimeras to which some look for inspiration, and others look for titillation." - Sydney Hardin

First an apology for a lack of updates, dear readers. I had the plague.

Sydney Hardin produces these amazingly entertaining feminist works from her desire to explode what she sees as flimsy, shallow depictions of women in the media. To this end she uses actually flimsy, shallow blow-up-love-dolls. Palin is great, but my personal favourite is 'Inflatable Love Doll Descending a Staircase' (bottom) for a superbly matter-of-fact title.

She has also somehow snapped up the enviable domain

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