Saturday, October 29, 2011

Drawing Autism

Drawing Autism is a printed collection of drawing by artists with various degrees of autism. This might sound gimmicky, or like some sort of weird insanity art-voyeurism. Instead it gives an insight into the way pathological obsessiveness can mingle with creativity. The results are sometimes really good. 


Wil C. Kerner, Pals (collage), age 12

"What was the inspiration for this piece? [answered by grandmother]
The key in understanding Pals is the brown rimmed off-white donkey ear. Four facial expressions depict the bad boys turning into donkeys in the movie Pinocchio: purple-faced Pinocchio is stunned by his new ear and considering what to do; it's too late for the horrified yellow face; the green trapezoid is oblivious to his pending fate; the blue head is looking away hoping he's not included."


Emily L. Williams, They Take Away Your Razors, Your Shoelaces, & Your Belt

David Barth, Vogels [Birds], age 10