Thursday, November 11, 2010

Collected Philip K. Dick Book Covers


Something a bit different today, the official Philip K. Dick website has this totally astounding collection of what seems to be every cover from every one of his books, including reprints and foreign language editions. This sample isn't even every cover in the list for Galactic Pot Healer. What this really is, is a time machine into the golden age of SF/F illustration. Y'know, back when these things were done with paint in the real world instead of Photoshop and being an illustrator was a viable career for a lot of people.

I don't know how they got so many, most of these are long out of print and a few of the photos are clearly of used books. I like to think of some fanatic scouring used-book stores for every last one. Disappointingly, the artists name isn't included for most of these.

(I think photoshop is a totally legit way of painting actually. But sometimes, it's just not the same.)

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