Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just painting, forever. Matt Bromhead too!

Although I am an internet loud mouth and usually I love spamming my opinions about everything, this blog is just about paintings. There won't be any wading through terrible design, youtube videos, glitzy fashion photos or any of the other junk you usually find in the art blogs. Also, you won't find the other art forms. Not that I don't like 'em, just I think other people are better qualified.

If nothing else I guarantee that here you will find something good here. Hopefully it will be something good you also didn't know about.

To start us off, here's an artist I've been looking at a bit, Matt Bromhead. Classic pure abstraction with a more drawing-y twist. No colours (two at most), there's a bit of a texture obsession going on though. I really like the depth he squeezes out of these tangles of different textured lines, and the big satisfying wedges of spray paint.

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